Wednesday, December 6, 2006

First lunch at BKK

We bought the two Trek 4500 bikes, that were waiting for us at Pro-Bike in BKK.
It was only logical to take them for a test drive, say - 100 km, and than return to BKK for tuning, before we're truly off.
We had the time - we were waiting for our China visas (just got our Lao visas). The birthday of the king on Monday, giving us around 5 days.
Rami suggested we'll catch a train to Kanchanaburi (cycling out of BKK is for the brave) and cycle around the area with part of our luggage.
Gal was quite against the idea - heard stories of too many tourists for too long time gave here a bad feeling.
But, seeing this was an easy option (even the westbound train station was just a boat ride away from our guest-house, or that's what we thought), and Gal having no better suggestions we easily loaded our bikes on the train (we sat in the luggage cabin) and had our first night out of BKK in a quiet bungalow on the Kuai river bank.

At the work shop
In the guest house at BKK
on the ferry, on our way to the train
On the train

** Gal: write about the electricity problems

The next morning we were off... Rami - carrying our new "Roller-classic" Ortlieb panniers, tent, two matts, backpack, 6 littres of water and our beautiful Ortlieb "classic" handle-bar bag. Gal - carrying here worries :-)
It took Gal some time till she felt comfortable on the road. After 2 days we got to know the thai drivers, and forgive us now. we'll go to eat and drink.
To be continued...

At the boarder police station

Another river

At the boarder police station, again, after a few drinks
Another sunset on the river